Thursday, April 12, 2012

A little bit of my life

12th April 2012 - If you think writing is fun consider my humble beginnings.  My formal education ended when the Second World War started. I was nine and a half.
       I continued primary education at home and in secret. After the War I enrolled in one of the makeshift Displaced Persons Camp Secondary School classes. I hated Latin, History and Polish Grammar, but I liked English.  
       I arrived in Australia in 1950 and after partially completing contracted employment decided to become a professional photographer and I enrolled at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) in Melbourne. All subjects required some writing. I felt at ease in writing on topics pertaining to technical matters. My main problem was spelling! Both, Polish and English. 
      When I finally became the Company Photographer with Caterpillar of Australia, in most instances I travelled to client’s locations with the Company Journalist who took care of writing the testimonials. On the rare occasions I had to interview the client on my own I would give my hand written interview notes to my secretary on my return to the Head Office and she would correct my spelling, usually making fun of me.         Since retiring I have written numerous short stories; one of which, the  Cape Schanck Adventure and Perilous Affairs, a full length novel (almost 100,00 words), in ebook form, was typed using one finger of my left hand. I am very proud of this achievement.


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