Monday, February 6, 2012

About my books

Why not have a quick read of my short story before you decide to buy Perilous Affairs:
                   The Cape Schanck Adventure
is for free and you can go through it in one session. This is a true story of my near drowning. You will find a vivid and fascinating description of the underwater life and death struggle of the sea creatures and a desperate fight of a scuba diver for his life in a turbulent ocean.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ready at last


At last, it's on the e-book list. Hard work started after the book was written. In my ignorance I thought that when the manuscript was finished it meant that the work was done. How naive!
However, after many rewrites, alterations, etc, etc, and with the help of my knowledgable friend Lawrence and my better half - you will now have the pleasure (I hope) of finding out what really happened to Richard and Skye, the heros of the story Perilous Affairs, who meet on a fishing trawler in the middle of a hurricane in the Southern Ocean. Add to that drug trafficking, discovering the love of his life, fighting for his life and many other unexpected adventures which will keep you turning the pages till you reach the back cover. Enjoy!!